Elderly Care Centre

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Elderly Care Centre Cloud IOT Monitoring & Control by AICE

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  • Monitoring Elderly People / Disable For Fall Detection
  • Panic Alarm
  • No-motion Alarm
  • Medication Alert

iOT for Elderly Care+

Transform Long-Term Care For The Elder

The system is designed to track and analyze the behaviour of elder residents at multiple time scales and to provide reports and alerts to the caregiving staff. It includes motion sensors, door/window sensors and medication dispenser to assist elders living alone. Activity analysis is based on a motion detection sensors capturing different types of information at a variety of locations in the home. With medication dispenser, caregivers can restock the medicine for the elderly and preset alarms to remind them to take medications. The system allows caregivers to remotely get an accurate view of a resident's health so they know when attention is needed.

loT solution enable seniors to live independently. By equipping the rooms of care needing people with internet connected sensors, it providing much better care at a much lower cost.Health- care loT devices can monitor everything from fall sensing to blood pressure, ensure safety and 24/7 operation. Furthermore, loT can do environmental monitoring, security, access control, etc.

  • Remote Activity Monitoring and Alerting
  • Multi-Location Protection
  • Device-to-Analytics Data Stream
  • Collaborative Notification
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