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Horizon eXplorer Sdn Bhd is a professional technology solution provider. Our headquarter is strategically situated in Kepong, Selangor, Malaysia.

In Horizon eXplorer Sdn Bhd, we specialize in building management systems, security systems, and IoT automation. We provide extra-low voltage system upgrade and servicing for commercial building, shopping Mall, Hotel and Condominium, the systems are :
Security System like CCTV, Card Access, Car Park Barrier Gate, and QR Visitor Management System (AVES)

Click the link to see more on EntryPass Card Access System

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AICE is a secured cloud platform that newly developed for customers who need their property on the premises to be monitored 24/7 with minimum manpower. We offer subscription program for user to ease their mind to manage complicated computer-based SCADA or Alarm systems in the respective premises and now users can easily access that information by their own mobile with our APPs, Services below are a few examples that we had designed and some implemented in Malaysia.

1. Elderly Care Centre to monitoring fall detection, panic alarm, motion alarm, and medication alert
2. Transportation, retail store, office tower, restaurant, TNB sub-station / incoming power monitoring system (Wastage, Cost Counting, Lost of power alarm, etc)
3. Pre-paid electricity system for Retail Mall 
4. Critical Environment monitoring like Hospital OT Room, MRI Room, Data Centre, River Pollution, Environmental Air Quality, Reservoir Level, Weather station, etc
5. Plantation Irrigation, soil content monitoring, and agriculture automation
6. Fish farm water system and critical alarm monitoring

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